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Get instant access to my collection of board games, notation charts, note movement and dictation sample exam papers for grades 1 and 2. Perfect for music teachers who want to make learning fun and interactive!
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Board Games

  • ​Musical Bingo (Easy)
  • ​Musical Bingo (Difficult)


  • ​Note Reading Chart
  • ​Sample Flash Cards
  • ​Note Naming (Treble)
  • ​Note Naming (Violin)
  • ​Note Naming (Alto)
  • ​Note Naming (Bass)

Extra Resources

  • ​Note Movement
  • ​Rythmic Dictation
  • ​40 Piece Challenge Student List
  • ​40-100 Piece Challenge Cert
  • ​Suzie & Sebastian

Sample Exam Papers

  • ​Trinity Grade 1
  • ​Trinity Grade 2
  • ​ABRSM Grade 1
  • ​ABRSM Grade 2
  • ​AMEB Grade 1
  • ​AMEB Grade 2
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With My Free Music Teaching Resources You Will...
  • Make learning music theory fun and interactive.
  • Help students understand notation more easily.
  • ​Improve students' dictation skills.
  • ​Have all resources in one convenient PDF format.
  • ​Save time and effort creating your own materials.
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